CAPSULE: The Destroyer of Worlds

The Capsule is a prototype subscription box service telling historical stories outside of the museum space. Developed as part of my University Honours Major Project, the project is intended as a solution to move the overall museum experience outside of the museum space and into people's homes, into their everyday lives and their communities. The Capsule aims to be a priming experience for audiences that are keen to enter museums and explore different museum like experiences, but it is also a device for audiences that don't necessarily intend to visit museum spaces. In either case, it allows the museum to come to them by making the first move. The project also has the flexibility to meet not only the varying needs of these two audiences, but future changing needs.


Immersive Storytelling

Immersive Storytelling and Experience Design, or simply Immersive Design is a dynamic change to how we tell stories. This change is both a mental and a physical change, where the passive and detached observer becomes an active participant in the unfolding story.  To achieve this change the person needs to be immersed in the story using tools that are mainly derived from the technological developments in experience design employed in the entertainment industries. This project builds on these innovations in storytelling by reforming and refocusing tools found not only in the general entertainment industry, but also in themed entertainment, and games.


The Box & Identity

The name 'Capsule' is derived from the concept of a time capsule, similarly the external design of the box is derived and inspired from a black box flight recorder, pandora's box and a time capsule. These concepts hope to entice curiosity to open the box and to allow for a blank slate for various stories.


The experience of the box is broken up into four major chapters, each with a separate immersive activity or experience as well as an external prologue and epilogue to begin and end the experience respectively. 


The Story

To illustrate the effectiveness of the concept of the Capsule, I have chosen a point in Twentieth Century history dramatic enough to hold interest of an audience, and a point in history where audiences may know of the events in the story but certainly have never truly immersed themselves in these events. The story is that of the fateful Manhattan Project and the detonation of the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima.